Meet the Founder, Madhavi

As a student of the healing arts, I have dedicated the past 17 years to advancing and perfecting my expertise as a facialist and aromatherapist. A healer at heart, I am also a fully qualified massage therapist, yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. My skills and experience combined enable me to get to the root of a client’s concern and bring about positive changes on both an emotional and physical level.

I believe the face is a reflection of our inner self.  Our thoughts, lifestyle, emotional and personal factors impact one’s energy and the way we look, feel and age.

I founded Rishi Veda after repeatedly observing clients coating their skin with numerous products, often trying to find that miracle cream to address skincare woes. Time and again I would see people trying out the latest fad therapies to banish an array of mind and body conditions, without understanding the often simple root cause of the problem.


At Rishi Veda, I simply aim to provide each client with bespoke treatments and products which align their mind and body to honour the beauty within. It is because of this I chose the name Rishi Veda.

With Rishi meaning ‘seeker of knowledge’ and the Vedas being ‘ancient scriptures on how we can live life in its entirety’, the combination of Rishi Veda was created to express to my clients that every treatment they receive, will come with the knowledge of how to manage and treat their skincare worries, while also providing a relaxing experience with lasting results.



Tucked away in London’s Mayfair, my studio is where Rishi Veda treatments come to life. Bringing together a meld of therapies, coupled with healing blends, your treatment is tailored to give clients a truly holistic and nurturing experience.

Personalised formulations

Combining a rich blend of wild, seductive essentials oils with plant actives and botanicals, every ingredient within each personalised formula is chosen for a specific therapeutic purpose.  Each ingredient is carefully married together to create pure, concentrated and healing formulas – giving you the result you seek.

I approach the creation of each formula in a ritualistic fashion, because in addition to giving you results you can see and feel, I want to make your individual routine a therapeutic experience to indulge your entire being.

Time for you

True healing begins when you take charge and allow yourself that moment of peace and calm.  Book in for some “me time” at Rishi Veda and relax, your in safe hands.


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