Skincare Ingredient of the Month – Baobab Oil

The tree of life – Baobab Oil (Adansonia digitata)

Over the last few years I have found myself working more with Baobab seed oil, also called the ‘tree of life’, when creating face oil and healing balms for my clients at Rishi Veda.

The African tree is often referred to as the upside-down tree because when it is bare of leaves, the branches look like roots sticking up into the air. The tree can live in excess of 1200 years, grow to heights of 30 metres and with a trunk of 11metres in diameter it can store up to 100,000 litres of water.

The seeds of the Baobab are cold pressed and produce a vibrant golden oil with a soft, velvety texture which sinks into the skin without leaving any oily residue or clogging the pores.

When treating delicate skin with eczema and psoriasis, I usually blend Baobab with buriti and calendula – delivering it into the skin with a light lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage.  The oil also naturally contains vitamins A, D, E and F, which are all helpful and soothing for eczema and psoriasis prone skin due to its anti inflammatory benefits.

Baobab is also my oil of choice for dry and damaged skin. Combining it with rosehip and some additional vitamin E and A, I usually layer this blend by massaging into the skin during a facial, followed by a more concentrated version in the form of a mask, combined with hyaluronic acid and honey. In addition to the natural vitamins present in the oil, it is also rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, and fatty acids. After use, clients have commented that their skin feels softer and very often additional moisturiser is not required.

I am firm believer in keeping your skincare routine simple and for optimum benefits in developing a healthy and radiant complexion, all parts of your lifestyle need to be taken into consideration – such as sleep, diet, exercise and state of mind.

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