Spring Clean your Mind, Body and Senses

Spring is filled with the energy of growth and fresh beginnings.  A perfect time to give ourselves a deep-cleanse of the mind, body and soul.  Clear away the old and things that no longer serve us in a positive way, making way for change and transformation.

To help you on your way, here are a few simple cleansing rituals to get you into the spirit of spring:


Lighten the physical load by de-cluttering your personal space, which will in turn increase productivity and mental clarity.  Be ruthless – throw out/ recycle things that no longer serve their purpose.

Try this purifying blend to refresh you mind and space. Simply mix 2 drops of lemon, lime and Frankincense essential oil, infuse in an oil burner.


For unhealthy habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol or overconsumption of food – devise a plan so you can start to take steps towards making more positive choices.  If you know that you can’t completely give-up an unhealthy habit, try to slowly reduce your intake, rather then putting yourself through unnecessary anguish.


Take a look at your relationships with others – unpleasant and negative relationships can be toxic to us on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. They can often stop us progressing and negatively impact our peace of mind. 

Add a few drops of Fragonia essential oil in a diffuser or massage a few drops, mixed in a base oil, onto your solar plexus – then sit quietly inhaling and exhaling deeply to release internal tension so you can lighten the load and think with clarity. 


Internal and external cleansing is vital to maintain a healthy mind and body so you stay looking and feeling fresh.  There are various methods to cleanse the body in order to maintain a balance, such as fasting, colonic irrigation, sweating and exercise.  Externally, cleansing our body removes dirt and other impurities from our largest organ – our skin. 

Give yourself a cleansing facial or why not book yourself in for a Rishi Veda Bespoke Facial to purify and awaken your skin at our studio in Mayfair.  To book your facial you can email us at inforishiveda.co.uk or phone us on 0207 491 8778.


Choose a form of exercise that is suited to your personality – whether it be dance, yoga, going to the gym or simply walking, make sure it’s something you will enjoy.  One of my favourite forms of exercise is surya namaskar (or sun salutation), not only does it work your entire body – but every single muscle, organ, system and cell is massaged and worked, delivering fresh blood filled with oxygen and nutrients to repair and nourish.  


Eating clean allows our body to perform to the best of its ability.  Observe how you feel after eating certain foods – sometimes it just a case of eating in moderation.  


What we think, we soon become; so it is important to keep our mindset present, positive, and focused. Incorporate a daily mantra, meditation, listen to music, carry out an activity or simply do nothing, so you may free the mind, think and act with clarity.


This is important to energetically change how we think, feel and react to our surrounding and the people around us. Negative surrounding can often stop us from progressing in all aspects of life.  Talking therapies, personal coaching and healing arts can help to lift our being so that we may see things with more clarity, enabling us to make decisions which mindfully welcome new life, energy and love.

I work closely with astrologer and life coach Vishal Krishna. He has a beautiful way of guiding and helping you to see things with more clarity. For more information visit his website www.astrobrijwasi.com


Wishing you all a fresh and energetic start to spring.



Honouring The Beauty Within


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