Natural foaming face wash

Your made to order face wash will deep cleanse, sweeping away impurities and dislodging sebum from pores to leave your complexion clean and refreshed.

From £35 for 150ml

All skin types, especially oily, combination and congested skin.  Great as a morning wash to refresh.

Gently warm the skin with a hot flannel to open pores and soften skin for a few minutes. Take a couple of pumps of face wash onto your fingertips, add a few drops of water and gently massage onto your face and neck in small circular motions. Focus on areas of congestions and when complete rinse with warm water and finish with your chosen oil, serum or cream.

Clean therapeutic ingredients are used in your personal formula to leave your skin refreshed. PH balanced, made in a base of rose, lavender or geranium flower water and further enhanced with skin specific essential oils, plant actives.

We do not recommend a face wash for removing stubborn waterproof makeup – this is better done with oil-based cleanser.

To create your personal Natural foaming face wash formula, please email or call 07970451758


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