Skin polish

A treatment product to help brighten, energise, smooth and even your complexion. Each skin polish can be used as a mask for intensive exfoliation and therapy or used as a quick energising scrub. Fruit acids, vitamins and plant extracts combined with naturally occurring crushed fruit seeds and plant grains provide both a enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation.

From £55 for 50g


All skin types – your skin polish can be made to reduce the appearance of scarring, pigmentation, regenerate mature skin, brighten dull complexions and dissolve impurities that are imbedded within your skin.

Prepare the skin by gently warming it with a hot flannel or steaming to open pores and to soften. Take a small helping of the skin polish and smooth onto face, neck and décolleté.  For intensive exfoliation, leave on as a mask.  For a quick exfoliation, massage with the balls of your fingertips focussing on areas of congestion.

Once complete rinse with warm water, pat dry and finish by massaging in nourishing serum, oil or cream.

Salicylic acid, lactic acid, vitamin C provide an enzymatic exfoliation while natural grains such as crushed cranberry seeds, apricot kernels, bamboo powder and rice powder mechanically polish the skin.  Nourishing agents such as aloe vera, vegetable oils and butters, plant extracts gently cocoon the skin to leave it soft and replenished.

To create your personal Skin polish formula, please email or call 07970451758


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